Scientific Researchs

The fumigation of Hawan substances in fire with chanting of Mantra is very scientific. Matter consigned to fire is not destroyed but rarefied and spread out in atmosphere. There is enhancement in the properties of matter when it is put into fire. Chanting generates very subtle super-sonic waves, capable of curing the many hidden maladies of the listeners by the mechanism of touch with their mind and body.

Findings of some scientific researches:

Experiment: Effect of Yajna on environment
Conducted by: A group of scientists led by Dr. Manoj Garg, Director, Environmental and Technical Consultants and the Uttar Pradesh pollution control board Conducted Ashwamedha Yajna at Gorakhpur, U.P. The samples of 100 ml each of water and air collected from the surroundings were analyzed using high volume envirotech APM-45 and other sensitive instruments.

In Air Samples (unit mg per average sample)

Bacteria Count in Average Water Samples

Minerals in the Ash (Bhasm) of Yagna

Phosphorous 4076 mg per kg.
Potassium 3407 mg per kg.
Calcium 7822 mg per kg.
Magnesium 6424 mg per kg.
Nitrogen 32 mg per kg.
Quispar 2% W/W

These results clearly support the claims made about the role of Yajna in control of air pollution. The Deputy Director, Agriculture had submitted a technical report based on such results, recommending the use of Yajna ash as an effective fertilizer.

Experiment: Neurophysiological effects of the Mantras of a special kind of Agnihotra
Conducted by: Dr. Selvamurthy

Dr. Selvamurthy observed neurophysiological effects of the Mantras of a special kind of Agnihotra which was performed at the time of sunset. In this experimental study, 8 healthy men were chosen as subjects. On day1 rituals of Agnihotra were performed with chanting of some irrelevant syllables during specific time periods. On day2 the Agnihotra was performed with proper Mantras. Physiological parameters viz. Heart rate, ECG, EEG, GSR, blood pressure were recorded on both the days. The results showed that significant changes occurred after the proper Agnihotra.

These included :
  • G.S.R. remained significantly higher due to proper Agnihotra;
  • ECG showed DC shift in the base line;
  • EEG showed alpha enhancement and delta suppression for more than 15 minutes.

The individual automatically experiences relaxation, peace, unburdening of the mind, less worries and stress in the Yajna atmosphere. The increase in the level of Prana (vital energy) in the atmosphere, when Yajna is performed, was also recorded with the help of Kirlian photographs. This experiment was conducted by Dr. Matthias Ferbinger of Germany.

The atmosphere and ash of Yajna has been found useful in healing nervous system disorders, asthma, heart diseases, lung infections, a wide variety of skin diseases and the diseases of the eyes and ears. Analysis of ash has indicated that it contains certain ingredients which soothe, pacify and tranquillize the mind.

Case study on Medicinal effect of Yajna

(A) Drugs and Alcoholic Addiction: An officer of 25 years age, who has been a poly-drug abuser in the past, was selected for the study by Lt. Col. G.R. Golecha, a senior advisor in the psychiatry division of the Indian army. Agnihotra helped drug addicts to get over their craving for drugs because Agnihotra removes negative stereotype thoughts and motivates for positive approach by love and compassion. All the psycho therapeutic advances have failed to control a habitual addict. Agnihotra is a new hope in this field.

(B) Diabetes and Agnihotra: Pandurang M. Patil Age: 72 yrs.
Case: One year old diabetic

Before Agnihotra

After regular Agnihotra(a month later)

(C) Effect of Yajna on T.B. patient Dr. Fundran Lal, M.D. allopathic practitioner, belongs to Jabalpur (M.P., India). He published a book on Yajna chikitsa (Yajna therapy) in 1949. He proved with scientific experiments that the gaseous matter retards decay; and the wounds/ulcers in lungs caused by T.B. germs can be healed quickly.

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