Hawan Rules

Hawan is a scientific process. We should follow its rules religiously to get the maximum benefit.

  • Hawan-Yajna should not be performed after sunset.
  • The place should be clean and a beautiful Hawan-Kunda for offerings should be made.
  • The Hawan-Kunda can be small or big depending on the number of offerings.
  • Gross-matter for offering to fire and fire-wood should also be pure and clean. It should not contain insects or other living beings.
  • Hawan-Samagri should be fragrant, nutritional, sweet and anti-bacterial herbs.
  • The yajman should sit at the west end of the hawan kund, receptacle facing east. To his right should sit his wife.
  • The Acharya should sit at the south end of the hawan kund facing north.
  • Other participants should sit all around the Kund.
  • No one should offer aahuti without doing Nyas i.e. purifying the body organs.
  • Everyone should listen the Mantra religiously.
  • Participants should sit calm till end of the Hawan process.
  • Offer aahuti only in ignited fire using middle finger, ring finger and thumb.
  • Do not extinguish the fire of Hawan-Kund with water.
  • On the conclusion of Hawan, Yajna-prayer should be followed.
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