Hawan-Yajna is one of the most Noble, Sacred and Fruitful deeds. It is based on the fundamentals of Vedas. Yajna (a ritual also known as Hawan or Homa, which usually involves offerings to the holy fire) is the heart of Vedic Dharma (Vedic code of conduct). The tradition of Yajna has been in existence since time immemorial in Aryavartta (the land of Aryans, an ancient name of India), the country now called India. The word Yajna is derived from the Sanskrit word Yaj, which implies three meanings, i.e. Devapuja (worshipping deities), Sangatikaran (to accompany the appropriate) and Daan (Donation). Hawan- Yajna has a scientific basis and a gift for entire mankind. It is not an act based on superstitions and limited to specific religion.

  • Yajna fulfils our material desires
  • It has tremendous result in Navgrah/Nakshatra Shanti
  • It destroys diseases causing germs
  • It helps to get rid of mental disorders
  • It brings harmony, love, peace and destroys negativity
  • It purifies the human mind and there is profound effect on human brain
  • It helps in spiritual upliftment
  • It helps in rains, creates ecological balance and purifies the atmosphere

Vihangam Yoga Sansthan conducts Hawan-Yajna programs worldwide, where thousands pray together for world peace and harmony. The students (Vidhyarthis) of Vedic college of Vihangam Yoga Sansthan perform different types of Yajna on booking by individual too.

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